Saturday, July 13, 2013

Safety and Security?? do we still have them

                 My brother just shared to me a story that again disappointed me. So here is what happened my Brothers went out at around 9 in the evening, while walking they saw this guy who looked very suspicious luckily my brothers manage to run away before the guy could even make his move, so it's a good thing right? The disappointing part was that when they were walking away another unknowing victim happened to pass by, she was immediately grabbed by the assailant and forced to go to a certain place. now since my brother knew that the situation was dangerous he tried informing the nearby "barangay hall" (it's like a police station) that was very close to the scene of the crime. he informed them that a guy that just tried to mug them grabbed someone else and he asked for assistance now one of the officials was active enough to come along with my brothers to check, but the bad thing was he didn't go to the actual place that my brother was pointing they just looked I mean literally just stared there (did they actually think that the assailant would be visible or maybe the guy had some kind of X ray vision) and then afterwards just said "bayaan mo na wala na yun"( leave it be he's already gone) so the thing is it just happened so there is still a chance that the woman was still being mugged during the time, my brother being helpless and all just tried to not mind the incident. so sad that even though we try to inform some authorities about crime they lack the initiative to help. So do you think it is still safe within your area?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Day

             There is always something Surprising Everyday in our life sometimes we just don't notice it! today I feel so Inspired! Again I managed to see that one person I consider my inspiration I really thank God for such a wonderful gift he really gives it at the right moment!
                                                                                                           Thank you Lord

Friday, May 31, 2013

sight of a past spark

For some unknown reason while treading my way home,accidentally I saw that person whom I thought would haunt me no more,walking on the highway with no care at all, not knowing I was there looking while the vehicle pass by.I thought time would heal this feeling, but i knew it was to no avail, when I saw that person's face,even though it was just a glimpse even though it was unnoticed still I enjoyed the feeling it brought me,but again it caused me pain for I know it can't be so, yet I thank the high heavens for giving me a simple glimpse of that happiness agonizing though.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deep Rest

First I fell then I broke into two pieces
The Second time I manage to avoid getting broken
But what Now??

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charity Work good or bad?

Have you ever wanted to support an organization for a cause? or atleast donate to charity yet you're still having second thoughts about their legitimacy, well you're not alone on this one if you'll ask certain people in our country, the reason why they have doubts about helping certain groups is because of the number of scammers lurking around, stating that they are a new charity institute but are actually sindicates, another reason why some of us are satisfied not to help charity is because of the thinking that you yourself can help! of course this can be true in certain cases like some people I know that conduct their own charity work using their own money and choosing the people that they like to help, the negative case that we can site for this one would be giving alms to beggar's I'm not saying it's bad but with my recent experiences, some of these people use begging for their livelihood since it is not illegal and does not need any requirement of some sort to earn money,some of us think that by giving a certain amount of money to these people will help them, but actually we are just making them dependent to this source of income, the side effects of such acts has already showed some bad results, an example I could give are the children who would wipe your shoes during the months of September to December and the one's that would give envelopes and sing, at first I thought that these people just needed a bit of help but eventually they started multiplying and that's when it struck me that hey they are actually considering this as a job, after sometime some of them even developed attitudes such as getting angry at you for not giving them money or food and even cursing you or spitting on you, even worst sometimes they would snatch stuff just to get something from you. these things happen because of the things that we thought would be good but actually has bad side effects, remember the Chinese proverb "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." what we are actually doing is just giving them fish thus making them dependent. these are just some of the reasons why a lot of us have restrictions in helping other people, but still there is still a part of us that would love to help, so what shall we do a good example would be to do charity work ourselves, by saving up our money and giving it to a charity that we know and consider legitimate and has had good effects like the orphanage they have good effects because they raise children to become good citizens, still having second thoughts about loosing money to charity then why not participate in such activities like Auction's held by known organization, you get something nice in return for the donation that you have given.So why not try? if still in doubt why not do some research and here is a good place to start

Saturday, July 28, 2012

To Tito

  It has just been a month since my cousin has left this world for a better place and I thought pain will not struck at the same time, yet it did! another person close to my heart wonders away into that eternal land. To Tito Rod, Even though you were never of blood relation to me you have always been the best Tito in my life, you were one of the persons I could chat with that was sensible enough not to contradict my logic, I am very  thankful for having you in my life,Thank you for all the knowledge that you have imparted on me, for being one of the few people who actually believe in my capabilities, for patiently teaching me how to play chess, I dreamed of winning against you but now It seems that it will never actually come true. I have always been thankful for your support and guidance during my childhood years, you managed to strengthen my resolve against bullies in my life, I remember this one time that I cried because of a comment from some of our neighbors, yet you've manage to scare them off by telling them not to do that, since I was actually studying Karate and that I am still young and eventually have the skill to beat them up when I grow up. That gave them the scare! I have always considered you our defender during my childhood when certain relatives from my Fathers side would take advantage of our families weaknesses and even though we grew up and had the strength to fend for ourselves, I still look up to you as the big strong man who was there, ready to help us in our time of need. I will miss you Tito, During these past few weeks I still accidentally look for you at the compound gate, you always did ask me about how my day was or where I went, whenever I come back home, then reality bites me that you were still at the hospital fighting for your life. I was not expecting that this would happen, since you did respond to me when I asked if you were feeling better on your second day at the hospital, so I thought that in a matter of weeks you'll be fine. you've always been strong and It pained me so much seeing you like that in the hospital. I'm sorry for not being of much help to you during your time of need, But as you've always said "Don't dwell on the past" right. Thank you Tito for all the lesson you've thought me, for all the encouragements that you have given me and for all the memories that you've added to my Life, You are one of the people who have influenced me to become what I am today. I'll miss you so much! you were like a second dad to me(well you are my "Ninong" afterall!).no words can describe how you've helped me survive, Thank you Tito Rod, I know that you are now in a better place.

                                                                                        Love from your Godson

Monday, April 30, 2012

An Adamant Darkness

Impervious as it seems the hold of right is inevitable to the likes of thee, destruction is set upon to those who can do none but kneel. their end is coming of near, what shall ye do?
alas the darkness set upon the Black King is growing more and more powerful. Holding to the last remnant of light that she has the Mistress of Life clings to the small and remaining power that she yields, not knowing when and how long it's hold will last, still praying for the rise of her shards. Praying that they still have the ability to mature and muster enough power to hold and void the Black Kings hold upon the land.